Mullum Sari Health Retreat & Medi-Spa

Heal. Nourish. Renew

Welcome to Mullum Sari Health Retreat and Medi-Spa, the home of world-class natural health treatments.

We have been promoting the healing properties of a clean and natural lifestyle for more than 20 years from our home on the north coast of New South Wales. Based around the cleansing principles of Dr Norman Walker, our health retreat offers a place for you to rest and recover before heading back out into the world a more energized you.

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Health retreat and medi-spa

An oasis of calm. A sanctuary for mind, body and spirit

Located in the peaceful country town of Mullumbimby, Mullum Sari Health Retreat and Medi-Spa is situated on a 4,000 hectare estate dedicated to relaxation and revitalization.

Every inch of the retreat is designed to create a relaxed and calming atmosphere, enabling our clients to become more in tune and at home with their bodies.

The world class healing experience starts with our range of natural treatments. From massage treatments to body scrubs, guided meditation to raw food classes we always put wellness first.

Through personalized health retreats we can also shape your stay to best suit you – whether it be yoga classes, pilates sessions or workouts in our holistic gym.

Your stay will not only allow you to cleanse your body and find greater harmony but is also designed to set you on the right path to a healthier future that extends far beyond your stay at Mullum Sari. We offer both residential and non-residential health retreats of between one day and six weeks.

A truly transformative health retreat experience

The principles upon which we are founded date back 80 years to the work done by Dr Norman Walker on the body’s natural healing abilities. Dr Walker found immense power in living juices, living foods, pure water and other natural modalities.

Over more than 20 years we have followed these principles, visiting many healing portals around the world to develop the very best treatments inspired some of the greatest minds in natural health and wellness. Our team now includes GP doctors, clinical nutritionists, qualified therapists, personal trainers and experienced teachers.

Luxury accommodation and health facilities

Mullum Sari is proud to offer an indulgent experience and the opportunity to feel special. It is for that reason that we take such care in the styling and finish of our estate. Our Hindu-inspired 'Manse' rooms are clean, warm and uncluttered, making them the perfect place to enjoy moments of reflection.

For those who desire a change of gear, our holistic gym is furnished with the latest training equipment and offers clients a boutique style setting in which to work on their fitness. Modern technologies have also been employed in our spa. The infra red sauna delivers all the benefits associated with a traditional sauna at a significantly lower temperature – detoxifying without having to endure uncomfortable heat. Surrounding the health retreat are our well kept grounds where visitors can wander freely and add to their growing sense of calm.

Health and wellbeing isn’t all serious, though. In fact, we encourage our clients to treat their stay as the opportunity to explore a "4,000-hectare playground", where they can have fun and truly feel themselves.

Visit Mullum Sari Health Retreat and Medi-Spa to feel better and think clearer than you ever imagined possible

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