Health Retreats

In an egalitarian atmosphere of love and knowledge, Mullum Sari follows the cleansing principles of Dr. Norman Walker to support the body’s natural healing ability with living juice, living foods, colonics, purified water & skin brushing. Aiming to accommodate all those who seek cleansing and rejuvenation, we offer health retreats to accommodate a variety of needs and budgets. We offer both residential and non-residential health retreats ranging from 1 day to 6 weeks that are suitable for visitors and local clientele.

Mullum Sari is located in Mullumbimby; a thriving country town within the Byron Bay Hinterland’s ‘4000 hectare playground’, thereby providing us with the resources to create a unique health retreat experience based on what our clients truly want to experience while they are with us

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Our Approach

Health coaching plays an integral role in the development of your individual program within your retreat. As part of all retreat packages of 3 days or more, you will receive a health check and two private consultations and we will offer you a supplement program tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Mullum Sari offers a world class healing experience at accessible rates and in a truly unique ‘Mullum style’ environment; the accommodation, the gym and the spa are all located in and around the hub of the Mullumbimby township, in leisurely walking / cycling distance from one another.

Mullum Sari Manse
‘Stay with Us’ Mullum Sari Manse Accommodation

The denouement of these surroundings is the opportunity for integrated change to take place; by the time you return home, you have already experienced life amongst a real town, with all of life’s temptations at your fingertips, yet you chose to get yourself to the gym early each day, you largely or completely abstained from destructive habits and nurtured your body with living juice and living foods.

When you return home, on those days where you may feel a little discouraged for having inevitably lapsed into some old habits, we hope you will find comfort in knowing that during your stay with us, you developed your innate understanding of how to make healthy choices for yourself within the stresses of normal daily life and we trust you will find yourself genuinely renewed during those times when you may need the most encouragement and support.

Mullumbimby Township
The Main Street of Mullumbimby Township