Detox Body Scrub

Detox Body Scrub $75
The Detox Body Scrub takes approx 30–40 minutes. One per month is recommended followed by an infra-red sauna and daily
dry skin brushing to receive full benefits

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The detox body scrub is an essential part of the healing programs we offer. The combination of our treatments are enhanced through the process of ensuring the skin is clean and open to release.

During a succession of treatments, a subtle sense of the unity between the inner skin of the colon and the external skin of the body may become apparent, as cleansing takes place.

The Mullum Sari detox scrubs are exquisite exfoliations using the very finest Celtic Sea salts to ensure your skin is left soft and nourished.

Our vigorous yet gentle body scrub will remove dead skin cells and aid the detox process by increasing circulation and paving the way for fresh new cells to revitalize and regenerate your
healthy body glow.

Choose from a range of exclusively created essential oil blends to add to your full body experience depending on your mood.

Detox Special: Detox Body Scrub & Infra-red Sauna $100
with (rpt) Colon Hydrotherapy Session $180

Mullum Sari has a wonderfully skilled team of individuals who assist clients throughout their journey towards renewed health and wellbeing


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