Dry Hydrotherapy Massage

Dry Hydrotherapy Massage

Single Session $39
5 Pack $165
10 Pack $295
20 Pack $540
Sessions are 30 minutes. Recommended package is 10 sessions to receive full benefits.

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With an innovative, ground-breaking combination of heat, rythmic pressure and relaxation, dry hydrotherapy massage is the ideal treatment for those suffering from stress disorders, muscular
tension and many types of otherwise untreatable pain. There are countless applications to improve wellbeing and quality of life for those convalescing and with limited range of movement using dry hydrotherapy massage.

Some clients experiencing chronic body & nerve pain that cannot be treated with bodywork, have found permanent relief from regular use of the dry hydrotherapy massage system. Total relaxation loosens up the muscles by means of a unique combination of warmth and rythmic water pressure.

Sessions noticeably ease muscular tension and activate the metabolism. Expect to leave the treatment feeling peaceful and blissed, this sense of wellbeing accumulates with continued use.

Mullum Sari has a wonderfully skilled team of individuals who assist clients throughout their journey towards renewed health and wellbeing


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