Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Single Session $75
10 Pack $595
20 Pack $995
Sessions are 40 minutes. Recommended package is 20 sessions to receive optimum results

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Hyperbaric oxygen delivers oxygen to the body at a level higher than atmospheric pressure, creating an environment where cells can be more receptive to repair and recovery. As oxygen under high pressure is easily dissolved in body fluids, it reaches areas of poor oxygenation, allowing distant areas of the body with low blood circulation to receive oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen has been known to increase the activity of fibroblast cells and increase the amount of collagen they produce.

At the same time, repeated exposure to hyperbaric oxygen can lead to the growth of new blood vessels into tissue that has poor blood supply or poor small vessel circulation.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has many applications in both the medical and aesthetic field and has come a long way from its roots of being used for decompression illness suffered by divers, and tunnel
workers who suffered from Caisson’s disease. Around 80% of the work undertaken in hospitals is now for medical treatment. People with diabetes, suffering from poor healing wounds leading to amputations can benefit from this treatment.

As new blood vessels grow, nutrients and building blocks can be delivered to injuries, leading to improved wound healing.

By administering HBOT to the patients suffering from side effects of radiotherapy like bleeding bowels or breakdown of normal tissue, new blood vessels can form and initiate healing. What medical experts are seeing is the recognition that the hyperbaric oxygen can lead to a whole series of changes in cell function which are ongoing and permanent after the completion of hyperbaric, rather than just something that has happened due to the physical exposure to the oxygen at the time.

Thanks to medical research, the technology has been embraced by hospitals, plastic surgeons, autism & ADHD clinics, as well as wellness spas, sports and athletic clubs. Hyperbaric oxygen is being trailed alongside intravenous vitamin therapy as part of a comprehensive nutritionally based medical cancer treatment and for bacteria borne illnesses such as Lymes Disease.

Mullum Sari has a wonderfully skilled team of individuals who assist clients throughout their journey towards renewed health and wellbeing


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