Infra-red Sauna

Single Session $39
5 Pack $165
10 Pack $295
20 Pack $540
A duration of 45–75 minutes is recommended per session. Recommended package is 20 sessions to receive full benefits

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Regular use of an infra-red sauna is an enjoyable way to improve your overall health. By far the most important health benefit of an infra-red sauna is it’s efficiency in removing toxins from
the body. This is achieved by a process called resonate absorption; the frequency of the far infra red waves matches the frequency of the water in the cell, causing toxins to be released
into the blood stream and excreted through sweat.

This frequency of heat penetrates deeper below the skin surface, allowing for profuse sweating over a longer period with perspiration containing more toxins and less water. Increased blood circulation caused by sweating stimulates the sweat glands, releasing built up toxins and waste. Sweating it out daily can help rid the body of accumulated potentially carcinogenic heavy metals.

Operating at 16-18°C, infra-red saunas provide a more comfortable experience compared to traditional saunas which operate at 80-104°C.

Mullum Sari has a wonderfully skilled team of individuals who assist clients throughout their journey towards renewed health and wellbeing


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